Can dad remain at home with caregivers?
“I don’t know what options we have.”
“I live far away—who is going to take care of grandma?
“Is there someone who can help us evaluate the situation?”
“My husband just isn’t who he used to be.”
“Mom’s in denial—how do I get her to accept the care she needs?”
Do you have an aging spouse, parent or relative in your life whose needs are changing or increasing? Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

If you have had similar questions, or if you simply need more information on the assessment or care of an aging loved one, Aging Interventions can help.

Jill M. Brink, Ph.D., a leading Geriatric & Dementia Care Specialist, created Aging Interventions with the specific intention of helping aging adults and families. Dr. Brink works closely with the older adult and their family members, first assessing their needs, then developing a comprehensive care plan to address the needs of both the aging adult and their family.

We invite you to read more about Aging Interventions and how Dr. Brink can bring a sense of care, understanding and compassion to your unique situation.

For more information, please contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment.

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