What is Aging Life Care Management?

With Aging Life Care, also referred to as Geriatric Care, or Elder Care, the type of care, the amount of care, and the frequency of care of aging adults are as varied as the adults being cared for. Some require a little assistance and care; others require extensive care plans including professionals and services from a wide array of disciplines. Based on the findings of the Aging Interventions assessment process, we design and create a specialized plan of care to address all of the older adult’s physical, social and psychological needs. Once these needs are determined, a care manager is used to “manage” the care needs and the care team.

Aging Interventions Aging Life Care Management also called Geriatric Care Management

As a care manager, Dr. Brink is a highly experienced and compassionate professional who can work with clients in several different capacities. Whether coordinating services already employed or implementing and supervising additional assistance, Dr. Brink serves as the “point person” overseeing the care team. This can be in combination with local family members and/or loved ones, or on behalf of long-distance family members or those who are otherwise unable to provide care for their loved ones.

The needs of older adults don’t always follow schedules or calendars. That’s why Aging Interventions provides services on both a scheduled and “as needed” basis if an emergency situation develops. Our team is available 24-hours-a-day to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

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